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So the whole interwebs is ablaze with the news: Disney has bought Lucas Film and the rights to the Star Wars franchise for a whopping $4.05 billion. Obviously, this brings with it a whole debate and discussion. Disney has announced that they plan on releasing Episodes VII, VIII and IX (and perhaps more) at a (hopeful?) rate of a movie every two years. George Lucas himself said:

I’m doing this so that the films will have a longer life. So that more fans and people can enjoy them in the future. It’s a very big universe I’ve created, and there’s a lot of stories that are sitting in there… I get to be a fan now, which is what I was saying before, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s a lot more fun actually.”

On the one hand, there is positivity because this means that there is a future for the series (beyond cartoon TV series, games and merchandise), but on the other hand a shadow of doubt is being cast because of the fear that Disney will “spoil” the series.

In my opinion, its awesome. Sure Disney has made some serious flops and stuff-ups before, but after watching TRON: Legacy and TRON: Uprising (its parrallel TV series), am I totally confident that Disney won’t let something as big (in terms of following and cash-pulling) as Star Wars go to waste. Worst comes to worst, its a chance to see more of R2-D2 and C3P0’s universe, if you don’t like it you could always ignore the new movies and just pretend like the series ended at Episode VI.

EDIT: Has everyone simply forgotten that Disney also runs franchises like Indiana Jones and The Avengers? – if you ask me, they’re pretty rad. I’m not defending Disney, just saying that people shouldn’t be hating until they’ve seen these new movies, and in the very least give them a chance to be made and released first!

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