In yet another attempt at revamping the old, someone has attempted to remake a classic. This time, its Len Wiseman giving the 1990s original “Total Recall” (directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnie) a 2012 update. We all know remakes can do one of only two things – either not do the original justice (in which case it leaves us, the viewers pretty dang disappointed); or improve on the original (in which case, quite a few diehards could still be offended); so its pretty gutsy trying to put a new spin on something old which has gathered a strong fanbase over quite a few years.

In this version, Colin Farrell will be taking the role previously filled by the Governator, and apparently a much more “political” and “complex” plot forms the basis of the film. It also features Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. Anyway, guess we’ll have to wait and see how it compares for ourselves when it is released in August 2012.

For now, at least we have the trailer:

If you wanna know or see more:



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