At the risk of sounding like a 10 year old brat, I want one. Right now. Really badly. Wow. The guys at Sony decided to do a little project to promote the immersive-ness of the Playstation Store, so they commissioned Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast to create this holodeck home theatre thing. Using a bunch of projectors, Playstation EyeToy cameras, Playstation Move controllers, and some props they made an amazing visually interactive and entirely immersive lounge which visually transports the viewer and their couch inside the visuals they are watching. By synchronising the projections and calculating the surfaces they are projected onto, the system is able to produce an insane virtual environment which surrounds the viewer. Although it obviously is just a project and isn’t absolutely perfect (you can see people moving props around, and the projections sometimes aren’t perfect), if someone could fine-tune it and make it home-friendly and easily accessible, they’d be pretty dang popular. Just imagine the possibilities in terms of movies, series, gaming and even social interaction – you could be immersed in whatever you are watching, experience the game you are playing on an entirely new level (ever seen Gamer?), and even interact with other people as though you are with them, from your lounge. Props to the dudes who made this; its sick.

Oh ya, and each scene was recorded in one take, with no edits or post-production – all live. Pretty insane.


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  1. How in the world did I ever miss this? This is way RAD! Makes you wonder if we’ll ever live to see the day when this type of technology comes out. A true Home Theater “Room”. So cool

  2. Lavonda Shibuya says:

    I really love to play on games on a playstation. Gotta love those games and great graphics. ;

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