“I’m interested in finding the ultimate question. I know the answer’s 42 but “What is six times seven?” doesn’t satisfy me.” This is how this young dude introduces you to his WritersCafe site. His philosophical and poetic prose and stories are based on a variety of different muses, and although they differ greatly from each other, resonate with a strong and distinguishingly unique style.

The guy’s already received his first WritersCafe badge, for having been chosen as a WritersCafe contest winner. Pretty much, keep an eye on him, or more importantly, on his writing. In fact, screw that; because won’t need to – I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of it anyway. Enough with the banter, here’s a little piece of his;

My personal favourite, “Purple Girl”: 

Purple girl,

You’re the one that makes my head twirl,

The one that makes my thoughts swirl,

Makes my emotions unfurl,

Makes my stomach curl,

Beautiful purple girl,

Deep purple, through and through,

The colour that describes you,

Speaks of the side of you that’s enigmatic,

And the side that makes my heart beat erratic,

A swirling, deep purple, it’s true,

Of all different shades, tinges of pink, red and blue,

Eyes of dark, sultry mystery,

Feelings with a confusing history,

I love to spend time in your presence,

As painful as that is at its essence,

I enjoy nothing more than your nessness,

You amuse me,

Confuse me,

Enthuse me,

Confuse me,

Confuse me,

Confuse me,

To describe you as perfect would seem utterly fake,

Yet an outline of your flaws is difficult to undertake,

Purple girl,

How I wish you would succumb and let things play out,

But you resist seemingly for my sake,

And that makes it clear beyond any doubt,

That there is nothing for you I would not forsake,

Beautiful purple girl.

 © 2011 Kamilion_G

So yeah, its really really rad.
Support him and checkout some of his other writings on:


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