So a while ago a good mate of mine told me his idea for what he termed “the next step in the evolution of reality television”. His idea was a small micro camera thing which would be small and discreet enough to attach to a cap or pair of glasses, or even be worn over-the-ear like a bluetooth headset; and be forgotten. The camera would be on a constant recording loop, and when something rad happens, the wearer would simply press a “save” button on the device, and the last set amount of time of recorded video and sound would be instantly saved onto an SD Card.

Well. Turns out you really can’t think of anything original these days, because, yes, you guessed it – its been invented already. Meet the Looxcie 2: “Looxcie 2’s unique design allows for a hands-free point-of-view experience. When a memorable moment occurs that is worth preserving or sharing, the instant clip button automatically rewinds, captures and saves the moment as a permanent clip, which can be instantly shared to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And with the updated LooxcieMoments smartphone companion app, users can now choose between either 320p or 480p video quality”.

Pretty rad no?

Check it out:


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